Ethical Luxury

M&J Larkin Candle

Our ethical commitment

As individuals and as a company, we are committed to this lifestyle. I'm not asking hordes of people to jump on our bandwagon.

That person you see in the mirror every morning, just that one person, do something today that helps our environment. Re-use something,re-purpose something, Think about your next purchase. Each time you spend money you are making a choice of what kind of world you want to live in.

If each one of us does something today, however small, imagine the impact. Don't wait for someone else to do it, do it today. For you, your children, and the beautiful orb we live on. 

Our Candles are made from the best stuff on earth. Don't compare us with the same priced product. Compare us from our ingredients, how we think about each step in constructing our candle, how we ship each candle, instructions on how to use our candle, what we do to support the community around us, our personal notes included in each shipment, our email list which teaches and informs on new ways to make a difference.  

All of us can do better. We can simplify. We can create less waste. we can create a life that is more humanly satisfying. 

Sure, some days are difficult but, we can do better, we can Be better.

In the right frame of mind we can accomplish anything.

Values and Ethics

Working with other people who think the same way makes you realize this way of thinking is necessary. By offering products that value people and the environment over profit, we are committed to doing business a new way.

Our search for new products is never ending. With soy candles hand made in London, grass brooms from the Philippines, pure natural fiber rugs and clean floor finishes from Denmark, we are on our way to building a company of the future. Our customers appreciate the fact that we are making a conscious effort to help preserve the planet we live on and give back as well through woman's charities. Together we can make a difference.

M&J Candle

The story

In the year 2000 I was invited to go sailing on a 41 foot sailboat where I met a woman who really had a different view of how business should be done. She explained that you could be in business without hurting the planet and also making sure that the people working with you were being treated fairly.

That started my education doing things that didn't affect the environment in a adverse way. I started looking for products that were safe to use in my home, safe for the people who make the products and safe for the environment when it was finished.

M&J Candle