Samadhi-Candle is a separate company under the umbrella of which sells environmentally safe products online.

Sequoia Company was founded in 1985 as a wood flooring finishing company.  We learned about all types of polyurethanes, stains, dyes and reactive materials.  I traveled all over the United States working with different wood flooring experts to learn the tricks of the trade. 32 years later, we have become one of the premiere wood flooring suppliers of specialty wood flooring, finishing products and sundry items in our area.

With that said, I wanted to stand out among our competition.  Embarking on an informational tour of everything offered, we decided on environmentally friendly products, safe for our customers, safe for our employees and safe for the people who make our products.

We now offer products that are clean, safe to apply and safe to use during the life of all our products. This business model offers products that can be used by folks who want to spend their money to make a difference while making as little impact on the earth as possible.  The community of like-minded customers and suppliers making these products is growing and will continue as more people become aware.

We sell these products under the url  ”   Aurelia is my mother, who believed in hard work, fair treatment of everyone on this earth and to do the “right thing” in all situations.  I plan on continuing her legacy by following these few simple rules.