M&J candles:

Soy wax:

  • Made from soy beans, a renewable resource forever.
  • Lower melting point so, sold in containers.
  • Clean burning, no toxins or pollutants
  • Less likely to trigger allergies
  • No Soot.
  • Burns cooler so longer lasting.
  • Last 30 to 50 % longer.


Recycled glass goblets:

  • Our container can be recycled endlessly.
  • Recycled glass is readily available.
  • Manufacturers of our container saves energy, reduces emissions and saves from using new raw materials.
  • Recycled glass is a closed loop system, that means creating no new waste or by-products.
  • Recycling 1000 tons of glass creates over 8 full time jobs.
  • 80% of recycled glass is made into new products.



  • There are 2 kinds of wicks, cored and non-cored.
  • We use a cored braided wick made from cotton and linen.
  • Other wicks are made from cotton, paper, zinc or tin.